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Media Safe, Inc.
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Welcome to Media Safe, Inc., creators of Secure One, the single unit newspaper dispensing device.

Secure One fits inside TK-80 newspaper vending machines and allows the purchaser to take one and only one newspaper.

Benefits To Newspaper Corporations
• Will vend only one newspaper at a time
• Convert From a Weekly Newspaper dispensing to a Sunday Newspaper by a flick of a switch
• More Convient Locations to buy a newspaper
• Works without Electricity
• Refilling unit with newspaper is easy and radically different
• No extra parts to carry to change from Daily to Sunday papers

Increase Profits
• Stops loss of paper due to theft
• Increases revenue by accurate dispensing of single newspaper
• Helps quantify readership and total circulation
• Helps your advertising department by quantifing readership.
• Receive an accurate accounting of total newspapers sold
• Makes theft of the Model TR-80 Newspaper vending machine more difficult.
• Has over a ten-year life.

Benefits To Newspaper Readers
• Allows for more convenient locations for your paper
• Decreases liability from injuries
• Easy to use
• Clean look
• Customer safe
See the Secure-One Unit at the MASCMA conference, CSCMA conference, and the Cal-west conference. Southern States CMA Conference.

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